Caring For A Loved One During In-Home Medical Treatment? How To Safely Dispose Of The Medical Waste

If you have a family member who receives medical care at home, you need to be concerned about hazardous waste. You might think of hazardous waste as items such as batteries, oil-based paint, and automotive fluids. While those items do fit into the category of hazardous waste, medical waste does as well. The medical waste that your loved one generates will need to be handled with special precautions. Here are four tips that will help you safely dispose of your hazardous medical waste. 

Keep Your Medical Waste Separate

If you've been tossing your medical waste into your curbside trash bin, you need to change that practice right away. Tossing your medical waste into your curbside trash can with your household trash is a good way to cause cross-contamination. Not only that, but it can cause serious injuries for anyone who might come in contact with the waste. For maximum protection, your medical waste should be kept separate and disposed of at a local hazardous waste disposal location. 

Avoid Using Your Bare Hands

If your loved one receives intravenous medication or blood products, you should avoid using your bare hands when disposing of the medical waste. Some intravenous medications can be quite toxic and can be transferred to your nose, eyes, and mouth if you handle the waste with your bare hands. Blood products may contain infections diseases, which can be transmitted to you through the use of bare hands.To avoid the risk, always wear gloves when preparing the medical waste for disposal. 

Take Precautions With Your Sharps

If your loved one requires injections or intravenous drug therapy, you need to take care with the needles. You might not realize this but needles are considered hazardous medical waste, and should never be disposed of with your household trash. In fact, all needles, including IV needles, should be placed in the red Sharps containers. Once the Sharps container is full, it should be taken to a hazardous waste disposal location. 

Store Waste in a Safe Location

If you're caring for a loved one who requires medical treatments at home, you'll need to set up a safe location for medical waste storage. You shouldn't store your medical waste with your regular trash, since cross-contamination can occur. Instead, clear an area the house that you can use as a storage area for your medical waste. This should be an area that is off-limits to children and pets.

For more information, contact a hazardous waste disposal service.

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