Did Your Basement Flood? Get A Dumpster And Get Rid Of Toxic Debris Fast

Did your basement flood and you have a ton of debris and junk to get rid of? If so, there are things you want to do to help get the basement clean. You don't want to end up with terrible mold and mildew problems, along with odors and stains.

The water must be removed from the property quickly. If you can't achieve this with a sump pump repair or it doesn't subside on its own, you'll need to call a water extraction company.

Dumpster Services

You want to get everything that is soggy, destroyed, and unable to be cleaned or repaired out of the house quickly. These materials can leak and most likely already have mold and mildew growing on surfaces and inside crevices.

With a dumpster dropped off at your home, it's easy to get everything out of the house quickly and to have it all hauled away. Assess the items that need removed and get an estimate from different roll-off dumpster companies.

Sterilize the Space

You want to sterilize the space. This means treating it for mold growth and helping to remove bacteria that can be hazardous and trigger asthma or other health conditions. This is something that should be done right away because mold can start growing within 24 hours of the water flooding into the space. There are specific cleaning agents created specifically for these conditions and use.

Treat the Ventilation

You want to treat your ventilation system. This means cleaning out the ducts, the filters for the furnace, and the area around the furnace. You don't want mold spores moving from the basement through the furnace and getting spread around the house when the furnace kicks on and then contaminating many areas throughout the house. Instead, change your furnace filter and consider calling a heating and cooling company for extra help.

There are a lot of problems that you will have to worry about when you have a house that has flooded, and there are a lot of materials and other things that have gotten damaged and soaked with water. Make sure that you are getting rid of any debris that can't be cleaned and that you think will cause a mold problem in the future and meet with the cleaning experts to find out how to sanitize the space thoroughly. You want to protect your home and your health, and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

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