How To Get Rid Of Clutter For Moving Day

Are you getting ready to move cross-country for a new career? Are you simply downsizing to more modest digs now that the kids are finally on their own? Whatever the reason, you know that moving means dealing with all of the accumulated possessions you have in one way or another. It's time to de-clutter your life and make some hard decisions about what is going with you.

Here's how to start:

Break the Job Down Into Bite-Sized Pieces

Tackling the whole house in a weekend is too overwhelming for most people. In fact, you may even find tackling the entire kitchen in one afternoon to be too much. Instead of trying to handle the whole mess at once, break it down into manageable loads. Set yourself a schedule and aim to declutter one small area at a time. For example, your list might start out something like:

  • Clear out the extra pots and pans
  • Clean out the dish cupboards
  • Empty the hall closet

Making your list also gives you a better idea of how long this process will really take.

Use the "Three Box" Method

This is a tried-and-true method for helping you decide what you really want to keep. You take three boxes into every step of the process. One box is for anything you intend to move. One box is for anything you intend to donate. The last box is for stuff that you think should be thrown away. 

Once you've sorted an area into those three categories, get the box that goes with you labeled, sealed, and stowed in the area of your home you've designated as a holding area for items that are packed. This method requires you to do some critical thinking about what's really important enough to move -- and what should probably be left behind.

When Stuck, Employ the "Year Test"

You're bound to find a few things that you aren't sure if you should keep, donate, or trash. Professional organizers often suggest that you employ the "Year Test" when faced with such items: If you haven't looked for it, used it, worn it, or needed it in at least a year, donate it or trash it.

Get a Dumpster for the Big Clean-Out

Eventually, you're going to have a pretty big pile of stuff that needs to go to the trash. A commercial dumpster rental, which can be obtained in many different sizes, can help you clear everything at once without trying to slip all those extra boxes, broken pieces of furniture, and rusted-out tools into the regular trash. Rent the dumpster for the weekend before your actual move so that you force yourself to reckon with any remaining uncleared areas.

Follow these tips and you'll find your moving day is much easier to handle! For more information, check out websites like today.

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