5 Tips For Setting Up A Waste Removal Agreement

Having a waste removal company help you get garbage from a house, a place of business, or even a construction site is a major convenience. Before you enter into an agreement, though, there are 5 issues you should consider.


While weekly pickup likely works well for most residential customers, there are going to be folks who need more or less frequent help. Most waste removal businesses are happy to accommodate customers' schedules for a price. Figure out how often you need to have garbage picked up, and then ask the company if it can accommodate you. For example, someone running a restaurant where customer traffic picks up significantly only on the weekends might need daily pickups on Saturday and Sunday mornings and one other in the middle of the week.

It's also a good idea to ask about the ability to schedule special pick-up days. In the previous example, a restaurant might need an extra day of service for big dining holidays, such as Valentine's Day.


Most waste removal firms also offer dumpsters. It's important to ask for a setup that meets your needs. Folks doing clean-out at a construction site, for example, might want to request a couple of 20-foot dumpsters. Conversely, a small apartment building may only need one 5-foot dumpster.

Contact the company and verify that they have offerings that meet your needs. Also, learn what the limits are on items that can be disposed of and total weight. Excessive weight in a dumpster can create problems, and exceeding it may trigger fees from your agreement.

Special Items

Another service that many companies offer is carrying off less-standard items, such as couches, mattresses, and chairs. It's good to know what the price will be when you need to toss something out. You should also ask how much notification they require prior to you putting a special item out for removal.

Recycling Rules

Especially in regions where recycling requirements are strictly enforced, it's important to know what the rules for putting out recyclables are. Inquire about what items can be recycled, such as paper and glass. If you have certain types of difficult waste, such as electronic items, you'll want to make sure they can be handled properly.


Many agreements have fees that kick in under specific circumstances. Take the time to read the contract and understand what the fees will be for common situations you encounter.

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